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Product training and after-sales service Support on Marketing & Sales

Part 1: Before becoming a Kaabo distributor

Who can become a Kaabo Distributor:

  • People who have relevant wheel product distribution and work experience
  • People who have enough fund and sales channels of wheel products
  • People who are determined to develop the market with Kaabo

Distributor application review:

We are going to review if your application is adequate for our distribution products from a fair and transparent point of view. Here’s our standards:

  • If there are distributors for our brand in your country or region.
  • Electric scooter market status, market capacity, competitors, sales level, etc, at your country and region.
  • Confidence and advantages in representing our brand.

At present, the blank area of Kaabo brand distribution:

  • South America
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • South Asia
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If you are interested to become Kaabo distributor

Part 2: After becoming a Kaabo distributor

Photos of Kaabo Rider with new mantis ELectric scooter

Product training and after-sales service

Main points: portability and easy operation.

  • After signing the distributor agreement, Kaabo will provide marketing materials such as product videos and pictures in order to assist the distributor to understand the product as soon as possible.
  • After the distributor places the order, Kaabo will give away some accessories. The more sales you make, more accessories you can have.
  • The accessories of product can be replaced within a certain time.
  • Kaabo’s after-sales team and engineers are always available to assist distributor in repair and after-sales services.

Once Kaabo signs Distributor Agreement with distributor, we will treat you as part of our own team and we will do our best to provide product trainings and after-sales services.

Photos of Kaabo Rider with new mantis ELectric scooter

Support on Marketing & Sales

Factories in China, specially the vehicles ones, are not capable to provide distributors with support on Marketing & Sales. However, Kaabo are capable of providing support to distributor on Marketing & Sales including:

  • In terms of marketing strategy: we will make the marketing strategy for the distributor according to market characteristics and team strength.
  • In terms of marketing materials production:The marketing department at Kaano headquarter will provide marketing tools such as product pictures, poster designs, videos and websites. Kaabo is going to help the distributor save the investment in advertising.
  • In terms of promotion and traffic: the promotion accounts of Kaaboo , such as Facebook and YouTube, will promote for distributor so that Kaabo will help distributor get traffic.
  • Digital marketing: In terms of Digital Marketing, Kaabo’s marketing team is going to assist the distributor to produce various promotion gadgets and promotion strategies.

In short, Kaabo ’s marketing team will assist distributor with  the operation of marketing & sales. In the traditional relationship between factories and distributor, the two parties is just “supply and payment” relationship. In Kaabo, our relationship is based on new type of partnership- support on “marketing & sales” has been added on the agreement to truly realize the close cooperation between the factory and the distributor.

Part 3: The benefits of being a Kaabo distributor

Becoming a Kaabo distributor will open the door to a wealth future. Here’s the reasons why:

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Electric scooters have broad prospects: modern electric scooters originated in China and then became popular in the United States and some European countries. These countries have proven that electric scooters are a huge market, and the market continues to increase.

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Electric scooters are suitable for Coronavirus’s commuting:After the Corona virus outbreak in 2020, people in many countries cannot take public transportation such as subways and buses. Compared with the high price of cars and congested roads, electric scooters are the best means of transportation for short-distance traffic.

Kaabo Wolf King GT SCooter specification

Kaabo is one of the few electric scooters manufacturers with the “artisan” spirit. Our products cover a wide range, including city walk skywalker and outdoor off-road Mantis,and now we’ve also launched our own Wolf Warriors electric scooter, which is designed for enthusiasts .In addition, our products have been verified by many markets and have more than 40 patented technologies.

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Kaabo launches the only “marketing” assistance among Chinese electric scooter manufacturers: other manufacturers only provide after-sales service for goods and products to agents, and Kaabo provides agents in the field of Marketing & Sales on this basis. In the production of marketing strategies, posters, and image and video marketing tools, we provide comprehensive assistance to agents in network promotion such as Facebook.

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