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Manufacturing Upgrades for 2021

Factory Manufacturer

E-scooter production is always changing. There are countless upgrades being made throughout the year that reflects the future of the industry.

In order to stay competitive in the market and provide some unique advantages for Kaabo, we are working to create new features, designs, and upgrades for all of our scooters.

Currently, we are testing countless opportunities and upgrades. We use the voice of our customers to decide what changes should be made and what beloved features will be kept.

In order to make an impact on the ever-growing e-scooter market, Kaabo is driven to provide constant quality of life upgrades.

These upgrades can be a variety of aspects;

  • Electronics
  • Physical Appearance
  • Performance Tunes
  • Safety Features
  • Connectivity

All of these features and more are under works. Through countless efforts of trail and error, Kaabo engineers and designers are working together to optimize our e-scooters while maintaining the same quality and appearance that Kaabo riders know and love.

Kaabo Official

Kaabo Official

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