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Kaabo’s story started in 2013 when we began to witness the transformative impact of new transportation options on short-distance travel. These included electric unicycles, balance vehicles, scooters, and innovative folding vehicles.

Over time, our attention shifted towards electric scooters as they emerged as the most practical and widely adopted form of transportation among these options. While other models had their appeal, scooters proved to be highly efficient in carrying traffic, shaping the size of the market.

From 2016 onward, the electric scooter market witnessed a surge in competition. During this period, we recognized that high-power, high-strength electric scooters represented a blue ocean market with limited manufacturers. This realization prompted us to concentrate our efforts on the development of “high-power” electric scooters.

We introduced a range of high-power electric scooters, including the Kaabo Wolf Warior series, into the market. These models quickly garnered significant market interest and received overwhelming feedback. In no time, we secured orders and established partnerships with more than 30 countries, solidifying our position in the industry.

Today, Kaabo is a prominent name in the electric scooter industry, known for its pioneering advancements and unwavering commitment to quality. Our focus on high-power electric scooters has not only allowed us to carve a niche in the market but has also positioned us as a leader in the industry.

With a global presence, Kaabo continues to expand its reach, delivering exceptional products and unmatched customer experiences. Our dedication to innovation drives us to constantly push boundaries, introducing cutting-edge features and technologies that redefine the electric scooter landscape.

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