Technical Support

Kaabo provides technical support to ensure the reliability and performance of its electric scooters. The company has structurally improved the design of the product, including the folding of the vehicle and the handle, to increase its portability and durability. The electric control system, consisting of a lithium battery pack and a sinusoidal controller vector motor, is optimized for efficiency, energy saving, safety, and convenience. The sinusoidal controller uses advanced magnetic field-oriented vector control technology to compensate for challenges such as uneven motor magnetic field distribution and incorrect position sensor angles, resulting in a more efficient, reliable, and smooth driving experience. Kaabo, a leading electric scooter manufacturer and supplier is committed to providing its customers with world-class technical support.

Marketing Support

Kaabo is the electric scooter supplier that sets itself apart with its marketing expertise! We understand that in China, factories in the automotive industry may not provide enough support for marketing and sales. This is why we make it our mission to support our distributors with the best possible resources.

  • Custom Marketing Strategy: We understand the unique conditions of each market and the strengths of each team. That's why we develop custom marketing strategies tailored to you.
  • Marketing Materials Production: Kaabo's marketing department at headquarters will provide you with everything you need, including product images, videos, poster designs, and websites, to minimize your investment in advertising.
  • Traffic and Promotion: Our presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube will help promote your store and drive traffic to it.
  • Digital Marketing Expertise: Our marketing team has the know-how to help you develop effective advertising and digital marketing strategies.

Kaabo is the electric scooter manufacturer that places a high value on its marketing and sales support. Contact us to see how we can support your business!

Aftersales Support

  • After signing the distribution agreement, Kaabo provides marketing materials such as product videos and images to help the distributor understand the product as quickly as possible.
  • After the distributor places the order, Kaabo gives away some accessories.
    • -The more sales you make, the more accessories you can get.
    • -The accessories for the product can be exchanged within a certain time.
  • Kaabo customer service team and Kaabo engineers are always available to help the dealer with repairs and after-sales services.
  • Once Kaabo has signed the dealer agreement with a dealer, Kaabo treats the dealer as part of its own team and does its best to provide product training and after-sales services.

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