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Announcement about technical bolt

Kaabo Technical Bolt Announcement

Dear customers and partners,

At Kaabo we prize for the safety and quality of our products and we want to announce the latest improvements from our Mantis 10 product line and keep you updated about other items .

Recently we’ve received some feedback about a loose stem with an empty structure inside, causing a rupture of the break at this product line.

In order to solve this problem, our technology and design department developed a proper solution, filling the gap on the inside structure making the stem stronger and steady, reinforcing the bolt and making the break resistant.

And in order to provide a better experience for our users we like to remind that our beloved Mantis is adequate only for city and urban rides, if the ride take place at natural outdoor environment or extreme places such as mountains or so, they might present some structural problems – for detailed information we advise our users to check our manual that comes with your E-scooter.

If you note any problems about any accessories of your E-scooter, you can reach your retailer, checking also the details related to the product guarantee and you can also reach our Kaabo team through our communication channels.

And finally, we would like to thank your appreciation for our products and as we said before, we prize for the quality and safety of our products because we care about our customers and we pursuit the excellence motivated by you.

We wish you an amazing ride!

Kaabo Team.

For more technical detailed information please check the pictures below.
Announcement about technical bolt

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