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International Subsidies for Electric Scooters

 Electric Scooters Subsidies

For those following the development of mainstream use of alternative electric transportation, you may have been shocked to read the global headlines recently. It was announced in Italy just this month that those looking to purchase an e-scooter will be granted a government subsidy up to 500 Euros. This is the first major step for wide acceptance of the benefits of using Kaabo e-scooters. Electric Scooters Subsidies.

It was announced that due to the rising population in cities in Italy, the country’s government established this subsidy to help make societal changes in the country. Not only are the roads overcrowded with cars, but Italy was one of the European countries hit hardest by COVID-19.

The decision from the Italian government reflects some of the core missions that Kaabo was founded on. At Kaabo, we strive every day to make innovative electric scooters for alternative commuting methods. Additionally, we have seen the benefits of using personal e-scooters in the fight against COVID. Many people are turning to personal transportation to avoid crowded public subways, busses, or other transportations.

We believe that many other countries will follow Italy’s decision in adopting e-scooters as a mainstay of commuter transport as time moves on. This is only the first major government regulation focused on the adoption of e-scooters. The Kaabo team is actively developing innovative products to provide a safe and reliable ride that cannot be found in other electronic transport. Our focus on environmental benefits of using e-scooters as well as the safety of riding alone are some of the secondary benefits of owning a Kaabo e-scooter. The primary benefits are the amazing performance, long-lasting battery, and comfortable handling of each Kaabo e-scooter.

The international focus on alternative commuting methods is changing more and more each week, especially growing due to the state of the global pandemic. Kaabo strives to keep production high to meet the rising demand for e-scooters around the world. Kaabo aims to actively grow the number of individual consumers and partnered distributors in response to the call of our fans and customers.

We applaud the Italian government for making such an astounding response to a changing societal practice. For those that see the future in e-scooters and the environmental benefits of using e-scooters, this is just the beginning of a bright future ahead of all of us!

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