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The electric scooter market in America is home to a variety of two-wheel folding e-scooters, but the Kaabo Mantis 8 stands out due to its unique features and capabilities in the USA. This electric scooter has gained popularity among young commuters due to its dual-motor performance and portability, making it an essential part of daily commutes.

Here are the specifications of the Kaabo Mantis 8:

Components Specifications
Motor500W*2 (2200W Peak)
Battery48 V 13Ah
Max Range25 miles
Max Speed25 mph
Climbing Angle20 degrees
Tire 8” tubeless road tires
Self-weight53 lbs
Frame MaterialT6082 aviation grade aluminum forged from one piece
Charging TimeApprox 3.3 hrs


Top speed, dual-motor& climbing angle

One of the main concerns of electric scooter users is the weight and speed of their scooters. Most electric scooters in the market have a maximum speed of 15-20 mph and can be heavy to carry around. However, the Kaabo Mantis 8 has been tested over 200 times by technical teams, and its maximum speed has been found to be at least 25 mph. It is equipped with a dual 500W motor that can easily handle rough terrains and steep slopes. The scooter can climb slopes of up to 20 degrees with its peak 2200W motor. The speed of the Mantis 8 remains unaffected by the environment, temperature, or weather conditions.

Range and Battery

An electric scooter’s battery life and range are essential for long-distance travel. The Mantis 8 has a 48V 13AH Ternary lithium-ion 18650 battery that can last up to 25 miles on a single charge. It takes only 3.3 hours to charge fully with its 54.6 V 2A charger. The battery life can be maximized by charging it when 20% of the electricity is left. The scooter also has a battery management system (BMS) to protect the battery from damage.

Material & Braking

The material and braking system of the Mantis 8 is another significant aspect of the scooter. Using a 120mm dual hydraulic disc brake, the combined electronic and mechanical braking system ensures a reliable and safe stop. The T6082 aviation-grade aluminum material used for the brake and the scooter itself makes it lightweight, easy to maintain and adjust, and water-shedding. The Mantis 8 provides an impressive braking distance of up to 3.2 meters, keeping the rider safe.


The Mantis 8 comes with 8 inches of extra-wide tread tubeless tires that provide better suspension, stability, and off-road performance than solid tires. The tubeless tires also offer better traction and less slip, making them ideal for rough terrain riding.

Weight & Foldable

Lastly, the Mantis 8 is designed to be portable and flexible. It can be easily folded and unfolded and weighs only 53 lbs, making it easy to carry and store. The onboard EABS system and side LED lights make it safer to ride at night.

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In conclusion, the Kaabo Mantis 8 is an exceptional electric scooter with unique features that make it ideal for daily commutes. With its 18-month warranty, customers can be confident in purchasing this economical and practical mobility solution. Discover and Experience with the top of the line kaabo scooters in USA

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