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Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

Kaabo fights outbreak

The demand the market for bicycles and electric scooters is rising now

and Kaabo is giving its best to Kaabo fights outbreak

June 3rd is the “World Bicycle Day” but this year, World Bike Day is very different. The Covid -19 has brought great losses to many industries, and people now prefer to take individual transport, such as bicycles and electric scooters than public transportation, which has led to the popularity of bicycles, e-scooters, and other private travel tools.

Since April, the sales of bicycles in many countries have been increasing sharply compared to the previous years.

In Russia, the sales of bicycles and electric scooters in May have reached a sales number of 60 times bigger than the same period in the last year and of course, due to the upcoming summer season, Russia’s warming weather is also a reason for sales increasing.

In Italy, the government encourages people to purchase transportation tools such as bicycles and electric scooters, and more importantly, the Italian government gives a reward of 500 euros for personal travel tools purchasing.

In Germany, the government has temporarily expanded the bicycle lanes on the road to meet the demand for riding on the streets in the event of an outbreak.
Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

The popularity of individual travel tools has brought a great number of business opportunities to distributors and If you are considering entering in this market, or if you are ready to explore business opportunities related to this market, our Kaabo series models will be a nice opportunity for you to knock on the wealth’s door.

Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

Kaabo has been deeply involved in the electric scooter market since 2013. Nowadays, our company has accumulated a rich experience in research & development and hardware design with more than 40 patents, with a worldwide presence.

Kaabo’s products are different from other products on the market, especially the Wolf Warrior series, with a maximum power of 5400W, a maximum range of 130 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

Wolf Warrior took the lead in combining the performance of electric skateboards and scooters, and delivering a full range of usage possibilities for even the most adventurous riders since you can ride them in the city, outdoor,s and mountains.

In addition to Wolf Warrior, the Mantis series developed by Kaabo is a perfect way of transportation, combining usability and aesthetics for a practical electric scooter, achieving another leap in this market.

Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

Mantis series can give you the perfect ride due to their double front and rear shocks. The dual-motor design makes the e-scooter more powerful, perfect for any rider, and not only can be used as a commuting tool in the city but also for outdoor recreation and entertainment.

It’s important to mention that Kaabo is the first Chinese electric scooter manufacturer to provide “Distribution Partnership” support for distributors in the worldwide context.

Kaabo has established a brand department to fully assist distributors in Marketing & Sales, including marketing materials production such as pictures and videos, website building, and online promotion assistance. Distributors will receive strong support at the marketing level from Kaabo.

Kaabo fights the outbreak with you

And finally, due the epidemic current situation, we hope that our products can provide high-quality individual travels to consumers around the world and make its own contribution to the global fight against the outbreak.

Let’s fight against it together!

Kaabo Team

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