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Recently, we have seen a few posts about some riders experiencing difficulties with their e-scooters. Here at Kaabo, we are determined to ensure that each one of our Kaabo community riders is safe and sound when out on the road. From standard safety procedures to inspection of the e-scooter, there are many steps and things to consider when riding. Kaabo Help Distributors Riders.
First of all, we urge the importance of contacting our 24-hour, seven-days-a-week support team either through our official Facebook page here: Or by contacting our sales team at [email protected].
Both methods are effective ways for our official support team to assist each one of our distributors and riders individually based on their needs. We believe that this is the most important step in overcoming any concerns you may have about an e-scooter.
We had mentioned in an official statement earlier in the year that our e-scooter models would be receiving a refresh in design based on some suggestions for the build quality of the Mantis e-scooter line. Please be sure to read that article announcement here:
This outlines the specific manufacturing change that has been implemented to ensure further build quality and rider safety on our e-scooters. We are constantly adapting to change based on the riding styles and needs of our community. This is just one step in the right direction.
At Kaabo, we have many large-scale production shifts occurring this year. We are ever-focused on the future and providing all of our distributors and individual consumers with an unrivaled e-scooter experience.

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