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Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades

Kaabo Minimotors E-Scooter Upgrades

Two E-scooter Leaders Working Side-by-Side
This is a tale of two titans in the e-scooter industry coming together to provide some of the most high-quality parts for scooters that were previously unavailable to enthusiasts and distributors. Kaabo Minimotors E-Scooter Upgrades.

Kaabo and Minimotors are two internationally renowned brands, establishing their reputations from premium e-scooters that are designed for a variety of uses and lifestyles. Kaabo pays close attention to the detail of every piece that makes up our scooters, that is why we have decided to work with Minimotors to develop our new upgrade option for our lineup.

At Kaabo, we are driven to Go Beyond to provide our ever-growing community of distributors and riders with the most exciting and high-caliber e-scooter experiences on the market.

Styling Upgrade for the Mantis 10
In the ever-increasing effort from Kaabo to provide products that consumers love and distributors are proud to sell, Kaabo has combined their efforts with Minimotors to make a new wheel hub kit for the Mantis 10 Single Motor model.
Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades

Kaabo and Minimotors have worked together to provide these high-quality parts for the stock models of the Kaabo scooter lineup, however, the two companies are now working together to provide some style and performance upgrade options for Kaabo riders.
Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades

The Mantis 10 is one of Kaabo’s proudest achievements, offering performance on and off-road. This new wheel hub kit is designed to offer a fresh styling feature that pairs with the stock tire, fender, and axel setup. It is designed to be as durable as the soft-ride suspension and compliments the stock 10×2.25-inch tire in the front. Best of all, the performance-oriented disc brake system in the front is complemented by this new black accent wheel kit.

The new wheel hub kit from Minimotors provides a newly aggressive stance upgrade for our Mantis 10 Single Motor. The street-style silhouette of the Kaabo Mantis line is complimented by this sleek wheel appearance option. The premium sports-car-like handling and appearance of the Mantis 10 is perfect for those looking for an urban explorer or commuter model.

About the Mantis 10 Single Motor Model

This e-scooter is capable of amazing daily performance with a single 800-watt brushless motor. Not only is the Mantis 10 the most stylish e-scooter on the road, but it is also one of the best all-around performers. The sport suspension, responsive motor, precise disc brakes, and adaptive wheels and tires make this one of the best scooters to choose for daily driving.
Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades

Wheel Hub Parts and Installation Notes

Kaabo and Minimotors have made this wheelset quick and easy to install. You will not need any special tools, just a standard hex key set and a pair of pliers. The set comes with the necessary screws, a fresh pair of ball bearings, and a new axel for the wheel to sit on.
Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades

The set does not require any special installation that is different than the stock wheel, once you remove the stock wheel, you can reverse engineer the process to install the new wheelset.

Kaabo sets a priority on our rider’s safety, so please be sure to take care and wear the proper safety equipment, such as gloves, when conducting this upgrade. To be sure that all the parts have been installed correctly and are working properly, closely inspect the finished product and test the wheel and brakes in a safe environment before going out to show off the amazing new Mantis 10 upgrade to the world!

Kaabo’s Goals

Our focus at Kaabo is to Go Beyond and offer the best selection of e-scooters and accessories. We want our distributors and riders to enjoy the comfortable ride features and precise handling that Kaabo scooters are known for. Now, we want them to also be able to reflect their personality and preferences with some additional appearance upgrade parts.

We are always striving to create new concepts and products for our loyal riders. We want to show the world that Kaabo is a leader in innovative e-scooter design and performance. We partner with brands like Minimotors that share our vision and passion for providing quality products for our riders and distributors.

We are excited to roll out our first wheel styling upgrade for our products, and we are looking forward to a future with a variety of upgrades and accessories for riders to choose from!

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