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Kaabo’s New Distribution Plan: Modernizing the Scooter Industry

Kaabo New Distribution Plan

The ever-growing interest in e-scooters has peaked the involvement of a variety of companies to turn their eyes to the electric transportation industry. However, this promotes a flood of inexperienced and low quality producers in the market. With over ten years of e-scooter experience and passion, Kaabo has continued to grow as one of the highest trusted manufacturers of premium quality scooters.

Our goal at Kaabo is to revolutionize the way that scooters change our daily lives as well as influence the future of the industry. Our detailed plan follows our modern distribution model with partnerships with dealers from around the world. Our new plan involves some dedicated services as well as new business structures to assist our dealers as best as possible. Here are some of the many features we can offer to our wonderful community of dealers:

·Direct supply: receive the scooters right from the Kaabo plant. Our scooters are meticulously tested, produced with precision, and shipped with care to each of our global distributors

·Marketing Guidance: Get a new dealership started with assistance from our internationally trained and highly knowledgeable team. We are ready to help you establish your Kaabo presence regardless of your location on the globe.

·Premium Dealer Assistance: access help lines and connection with the professional team at Kaabo HQ. We are able to help you with client repairs, model questions, and the latest news from our factory.

·Competitive Pricing: Kaabo cares for our dealers and we can offer highly competitive pricing for our models of scooters. With a range of scooters designed to offer capabilities for various riding styles, we want to make sure that our distributors are able to access some of the most competitive market prices available.

Our focus on becoming a full-service partner to our distributors is why Kaabo is changing what it means to be a direct distributor in this industry. With many e-scooter companies popping up and quickly fading, be sure to choose a trustworthy and long-standing leader with Kaabo.
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