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New beginning, new journey, new cooperation

Kaabo New Website

In this beautiful and sunny May, we launched Kaabo new official website. the new website represents a new starting point and represents Kaabo’s new journey.

What Time

In February, Coronavirus was rampant around the world and brought disaster to the people of the world. People around the world just stayed at home and were not allowed to travel or gather. People were not allowed to travel by public transportation such as subways and buses.

Electric scooters, lightweight and flexible, are popular among people all over the world. Using electric scooters for travel effectively avoids the infection caused by taking public transportation, and at the same time avoids traffic congestion. It really realizes the freedom of personal travel.

Time for new

As the leading electric scooter manufacturer in China, Kaabo has been moving towards the role of leading global electric scooter since its birth. At present, the Kaabo brand has covered the city walk type – Skywalker series and outdoor off-road Mantis series to meet the needs of different users around the world.

On the road to finding distributors and assisting distributors to succeed, Kaabo is the first to launch marketing services in the electric scooter industry in China. This is a new type of partnership that goes beyond the traditional factory-distributor relationship. Kaabo not only provides products but also provides marketing & sales consulting services just as an advertisement company. This is a new business model, and this is the time for new life.

Seize the time

At the Buffett Shareholders ‘Meeting on May 3, Warren Buffett said,” You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Today, I want to share this sentence with you.

Seize the time, and cooperate with Kaabo to win the future. This is not empty talk, it is the result of Kaabo ‘s efforts over the past seven years. It is also our determination. Kaabo not only provides high-quality products but also provides support on marketing & sales, which other electric scooters in China cannot provide.

We hope to work with you, in the uncertain period brought on by Coronavirus. With a new business model and excellent product quality, Kaabo is going to work with you to seize the time and achieve a successful 2020.

-Shaped by performance – Kaabo Mantis 8

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