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We provide you with marketing & sales support!

Marketing and Sales Support

We provide you with marketing & sales support. As we all know, the outbreak has led to a change in the way people travel, and now more and more people are no longer taking mass transportation such as subway or buses, using now personal transportation vehicles such as bicycle and scooter.

This gives the personal transportation market a huge opportunity.

As the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week: The epidemic forced people to stop use public transportation, using now individual transports, giving us the “Golden Age” for cycling.

Kaabo, a leading global brand of electric scooter, are doing its best to provide high quality products to the market. Check below a bit

Wolf Warrior

One of most powerful E-scooters in the world, has the range and speed suitable for city landscapes and off-road rides.


With its unique shape design and practical silhouette, serves all the needs, doesn’t matter if it’s for daily work commutes or fun purposes.


With a light structure and lean shape, this e-scooter is the ultimate urban commuter dream, meticulously designed in every form.

In addition to those high quality products and attentive after-sales service, we also provide all sorts of marketing & sales assistance.

-For example, we help our distributors build their websites similar to the Kaabo official website.

-This week, Kaabo’s new product manual will be lunched and if our distributors needs their manual with localized content, we can also modify it on the official basis.

-If you need poster design support, we can help, no matter what language it is.

The global outbreak has led to changes in the marketing & sales sector of many companies.

Last week, a famous micro heating company announced that it would permanently stop operating its stores and consumers should acquire their products and services exclusively from the Internet. In the future, more and more companies like this will focus on the online application.

Kaabo is one of the few Electric Scooter Companies in China that can assist partners in online operations and provide marketing & sales assistance.

Seize your opportunity to work with us to provide high-quality products and services to consumers under the global epidemic situation.

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