Kaabo’s New Distribution Plan: Modernizing the Scooter Industry Aug 11 2020

The ever-growing interest in e-scooters has peaked the involvement of a variety of companies to turn their eyes to the electric transportation industry. However, this promotes a flood of

E-Scooter Share Revolution Aug 05 2020

Around the world, there is a rise in the popularity of ride sharing in the form of e-scooters. E-scooters have maneuverability, sizing, and performance that allows people to use them for short distance travel as effectively as other transportation methods.

Urban Commuting Improvements with Kaabo E-Scooters Jul 27 2020

While traditional modes of transportation such as the bus or a car are the most common ways to get around, many cities have seen increase traffic during peak commuting hours.

The Positive Environmental Impacts of Using Kaabo E-scooters Jul 21 2020

Kaabo is driven to Go Beyond what it means to be an e-scooter producer in our modern world. We have shifted our mission and values,

Kaabo Teams Up with Minimotors for New Line of E-Scooter Upgrades Jul 17 2020

This is a tale of two titans in the e-scooter industry coming together to provide some of the most high-quality parts for scooters that were previously unavailable to enthusiasts and distributors.

We provide you with marketing & sales support! Jun 30 2020

We provide you with marketing & sales support. As we all know, the outbreak has led to a change in the way people travel, and now more and more people are no longer taking mass transportation such as subway or buses, using

A Letter for Kaabo’s Dealers Jun 15 2020

Dear Kaabo Dealers and distributor, We would like to thank you for your continuous support to Kaabo! Every step we take is not executed without the support and encouragement of our partners and customers and this is the kind of honest cooperation and transparent work that allows us to make continuous progress and achieve continuous … Continue reading A Letter for Kaabo’s Dealers

Kaabo fights the outbreak with you Jun 08 2020

The demand of market for bicycles and electric scooters is rising nowand Kaabo is giving it’s best to fight the outbreak

Manufacturing Upgrades for 2021 May 15 2020

E-scooter production is always changing. Countless upgrades made throughout the year reflect the future of the industry. Here are some Electric Scooter Manufacturing upgrades for 2021

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