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Core Technology

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Motor Control Technology

The First Core technology

From the perspective of safety and efficiency, the structural improvement of the folding of the vehicle, the folding of the handle, and the impact of the vehicle tube in different working environments has been greatly improved, which has greatly increased the portability and reliability of the product. (At present, this technology has obtained invention and practical patents.)

Photos of Kaabo new mantis ELectric scooter

Handle folding design improvement

The common folding structure on the market is the contact buckle fixing, which is very inconvenient to fold and the contacts (point-to-point contact) are unbalanced from the strength point of view, making it very easy to fall of and cause injuries. The current structure uses a connecting sleeve to keep them connected, so the inner wall of the connecting sleeve gets in contact with the outer wall of the fixed handle and the connecting piece in order to fix the connection between the handle and the connecting piece ( face to face contact, increasing the strength of the connection ) making the handle even more steady.

Photos of Kaabo new mantis ELectric scooter

Improvement of the structure design of the main vehicle tube

When the main vehicle tube got bumped or broken, it’s going to be subjected to an impact at front or in the back. In order to fix it, we have provided a groove on the outer wall of the main vehicle tube that penetrates the buffer fixing block. The rotation of the fixing block and the rotating shaft acts as an inertial buffer to reduce the loss of the vehicle tube.

Photos of Kaabo new mantis ELectric scooter

Improvement of folding structure design

Nowadays, the folding device of the electric scooter available at the market is not easy to operate. Both opening a folding requires at least two steps to be completed, and the gap between the stem and the main board are still big, besides that, the reliability is not that high. Therefore, we’ve developed an electric scooter folding device that is easier to operate and can be opened or folded with only one step.

Photos of Kaabo new mantis ELectric scooter

The Second Core Technology

Lithium Battery Management System

Due to the structural size and weight limitations of electric scooters, the battery capacity of the core components of electric scooters is always small or the quality is very questionable which doesn’t fits the main market needs. This is is also the bottleneck technology that currently restricts the development of scooters.

Electric scooters use lithium batteries as the source of power, that are the core components of electric scooters. Lithium-ion power battery cells cannot meet the power requirements of electric scooter vehicles. Therefore, electric scooters need to be powered by a range of battery cells in series or in parallel in order to provide energy to electric scooters. Judging from the current manufacturing level of lithium-ion power battery cells, various factors in the production process affect the same type of battery cells in terms of voltage, capacity, and internal resistance. The performance of the power battery pack depends on the performance of the battery cell, but it is not a simple accumulation of the performance of the battery cell. Due to the inconsistency of the performance of the single battery, the power battery pack has various problems and the service life is shortened when the power battery pack is repeatedly used on the electric vehicle. Limited by the current bottleneck in the development of lithium-ion power battery technology, it is very important to study the factors that affect the service life of power batteries and solve related problems to extend the life of power batteries.

BMS battery can reach 5A,improving efficiency by 90%

Using CAN bus transmission to ensure its stability! Online measurement and accurate estimation of each battery cell of the battery pack, Improve battery usage, maintain high accuracy and super error correction

Photos of Kaabo Skywalker 10c specification


1.All the equivalent parameters of the battery are estimated through real-time online estimation, so as to accurately estimate the state of the battery pack. Real-time online estimation greatly simplifies battery calibration. This makes accurate control of the state of the battery pack with poor consistency a reality. Real-time online estimation enables both new batteries and aging batteries to maintain high accuracy and super error correction ability;

2.The balanced current of developed BMS can reach 5A, and It gradually increases the conversion efficiency to more than 90%, which can effectively make up the differences between the batteries. Aiming at the characteristics of decentralized and mobile battery usage, a wireless data transmission background has been developed; and CAN bus transmission is adopted inside and outside the entire BMS system to ensure its stability;

3.Online measurement and accurate estimation of each battery cell of the battery pack can maximize the utilization efficiency of the battery. For example, when you use the break, it can absorb as much energy as possible without harming the battery. When accelerating, it can provide more power to obtain greater acceleration without damaging the battery. At the same time, it can also ensure that the vehicle will not lose power due to undervoltage or overcurrent protection during driving;

The Third Core Technology

Motor Control Technology

At present, the electric scooter motors on the market are generally driven by square waves. When you ride it, it is easy to resonate and generate a large buzz due to the structural imitations of the scooter. It feels bad to ride, coupled with the high efficiency of the top wave motor drive, the battery life will be also affected.

Our company uses the sine wave control technology for motor drive. The “sine wave” uses a “sine controller +vector motor” control system. The sine controller uses the most advanced field-oriented vector technology to overcome the uneven distribution of the motor magnetic field, poor position sensor angle and other unfavorable factors, making the motor and controller operate more efficiently, reliably and smoothly, ensuring a comfortable and safe riding of the vehicle. The vector motor with magnetic circuit design can effectively reduce the cogging torque ripple and harmonic torque ripple, improves the control accuracy and effectively guarantee the long-term efficiency and stable operation of the vehicle system.

Our products have the following advantages

  1. Silent driving without any noise.People can feel pretty comfortable while driving;
  2. In case of heavy load climbing, the square wave shows that the more climbing, the weaker the motor is, and that the sine wave can crawl at a uniform speed, and the torque is 8%-10% greater than the square wave;
  3. It has a large starting torque, resulting in faster starting acceleration;
  4. Under normal driving conditions, the sine wave can achieve constant speed movement and the riding comfort is much better than the square wave, and the square wave will consume a lot of energy to achieve a constant speed, which will shorten the continuation mileage; Under normal driving speed conditions, it is obvious that the speed of the sine wave is greater than the speed of the square wave, and the continuation mileage will be relatively longer about 5-10 kilometers;
  5. The effective weak magnetic speed increase of the sine wave can reach 20%, but the torque is not reduced, which ensures the market demand for high speed and large torque, and the torque becomes smaller after the square wave speed increase. For example, when driving at the same speed, the sine wave is stronger than the square wave; under the same torque, the sine wave is faster than the square wave.
  6. When the torque is under a certain condition, the sine wave is controlled by the maximum torque current, then the corresponding input current is reduced, the iron loss of the motor is reduced, and the demagnetization protection effect of the magnetic steel is good, and the motor can be operated efficiently. The square wave cannot achieve this. Therefore, the sine wave can reduce the iron loss and extend the life of the motor.
  7. With the power saving mode, the life of the battery will be extended by 25%.

The Third Core Technology

Advantages of teamwork

Seven years of perseverance and focus have made us a professional team.Best supplier and components supply matching in the industry. 

We have high technology development and best after-sales strategy!”   

In addition

Market Advantage

In order to prevent others from imitating the new technologies and new products developed by our company,we’ve applied for more than 40 patents related to appearance, new technologies and inventions. As long as a product has the right patent granted, it can be equivalent of having exclusive rights in the market. Determine the ownership relationship of inventions and creations through statutory procedures, so as to effectively protect the achievements of inventions and creations and monopolize the market in exchange for maximum benefits

Technology Support

Kaabo gives agent partners full product after-sales services. This includes:

-The Kaabo team will provide all training materials and related video materials to the collaborators, including technical support for all product features and e-scooter parameters.

– If there is a problem with product quality, Kaabo will give the fastest support, such as product replacement, replacement accessories, technical guidance, etc.

– The Kaabo factory will provide a certain amount of replacement parts for each order placed by the agent. If the image store is opened, more support will be given.

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