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Kaabo “I’m A Wolf Warrior” Contest has Begun Nov 02 2020

Announcing the Kaabo “I’m a Wolf Warrior” Contest.

United States Cities Expand Their E-Scooter Networks Oct 20 2020

One of the biggest breakthroughs in United States e-scooter regulation recently is the newest expansion of e-scooters in New York city. Due to the small footprint of e-scooters and the amazing range of e-scooters like our at Kaabo, commuters are continuing to explore the outstanding benefits of e-scooters in the city.

Get Ready for Kaabo ‘s Exciting Move: A New Adventure! Oct 15 2020

Kaabo has seen outstanding growth internationally. We have been receiving new orders from our distributors around the world. Not only are these orders coming from a variety of locations, but the order numbers are increasing each week.

Kaabo Puts Focus on Community Outreach Through YouTube Oct 09 2020

After recent performance growth on our social media platforms, we have seen the amazing benefits of growing our Kaabo community and giving content to our followers.

Kaabo Is Here to Help All Distributors and Riders Oct 05 2020

Recently, we have seen a few posts about some riders experiencing difficulties with their e-scooters. Here at Kaabo, we are determined to ensure that each one of our Kaabo community riders is safe

Kaabo Expanded Factory Space Enables Innovation and Improved Scooter Design Oct 03 2020

A year full of new production goals and international sales increases has led to the amazing development of the new Kaabo expanded factory.

Kaabo Gears for the Release of the Wolf Warrior X Sep 21 2020

One of the biggest announcements for Kaabo in this month is the teaser of the new Wolf Warrior X. The Wolf Warrior X will change the game in terms of compact transportation with all-terrain capabilities.

Kaabo Fights COVID Spread With Personal E-Scooters Sep 15 2020

There is breaking news in the United States stating that local governments are investigating the spread of COVID-19 through the use of ride sharing e-scooters.

Kaabo Pushes for E-Scooter Riding Safety Sep 08 2020

Due to the recent news in the e-scooter community, Kaabo wants to issue a message of sincere grief and dedication to the e-scooter community. While many companies are trying to push boundaries in design and functionality, many forget one of the most crucial points of e-scooters, safety.

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